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Convert your website traffic into sales-qualified
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Step #1 to get leads

Sign up for HuntLeads to get access to our free tool. Your lead will be delivered to the email mentioned in the signup form.

Step #2 to get leads

Add different widgets in your website to take your site visitors to the free tool. These are the widgets you can add.

Publish content on social media

Page Takeover

Five seconds after a visitor lands on your webpage,this widget will take over the entire webpage.The widget gets the visitor's undivided attention.

Social inbox of all messages

Notification Bar

This is a slim bar placed right on top of your webpage. This stays there to eventually capture your visitors’ attention.

Reports and analytics

Small Widget

This one stays hidden most of the time, until the visitor scrolls through the webpage.

Step #3 to get leads

Your website visitor lands on the free tool, fills up the form to get the free report. You in turn get a sales-qualified lead.

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